Live Lower than your Means! 80-20 Rule

Document created by lojay on Nov 18, 2015
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Self-entitlement. No work-ethic. Self-absorbed or just a few of the words other generations would describe a Millennial like myself taking over America. I'm living in a world where so many of my peers are trying to keep up with the Jones's but don't realize the Jones's are broke. This is a sad reality. I did't grow up in a household where my family and I talked about finances or how to budget money.  I learned how to manage my fiances by trial and error. After going thru a lot of error I've been able to slowly get a grip on my finances and see the importance of budgeting, having an emergency fund and really taking a hold of knowing where your money goes. I was out of a job for three months this summer and my emergency fund was able to help me get thru that time. I've learned to really take saving seriously and not make it a chore but a part of life. I'm in my 20s and know that I have a long way to go but I've enjoyed learning it's never about how much you make but how you manage it! 80-20!