I Made It!

Document created by mtapp on Nov 17, 2015
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Have you ever had so many things happen at one time that you told yourself it just can't get any worse? I learned very quickly to never use that phrase because, well, it can ALWAYS get worse. My life began to take a complete spiral downfall about six months ago. I lost everything. I lost my relationship, was involved in domestic violence, and I lost my job. At that point in my life that job was the only thing I had that was actually stable. Losing my job was the worst thing that has ever happen. I expected to retire from that job. I spent six years of my life to just be thrown out like a piece of trash. To add insult to injury, my final check was barley 100 dollars. They did not give me my vacation or sick time that I had earned from my time with the company. I have a family and the system completely failed me. It was so humiliating having to stand in line for public assistance only  for me to get declined. I was taken through so many changes for me to just get denied for help with housing, utilities, child support, everything. The system failed me. So here I was, a college educated independent woman depending on all possible assistance. I lost my apartment, my car broke down, I had no money to fix it. I had nothing. If it weren't for the support and persistence to finish grad school and my daughter who knows where I would be. After completely hitting rock bottom, I was hired at my current job. I'm living my dream. Instead of losing everything, I gained it all. I have a new car, a house, and am working full time teaching Kindergarten. Six months ago I thought my life was over, but now it has only just begun. I have financially overcome so many obstacles and am now using what I have learned from past mistakes to make better financial decisions.