Ain't too Proud to Beg

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During my second year at the Midwest School of Culinary Arts I began to feel the financial pinch, or should I say PUNCH.  I worked in Corporate America for 30 years and my last 15 years was spent in the world of business finance. I began college in 2013 after finding myself on the opposite end of employment. I catered as a hobby for about 7 years and suddenly this was my full-time commitment. I decided to go to culinary school, get a 2 year degree, expand my business and start a whole new career. I purchased used books online, applied for grants, and was collecting unemployment. This was going to be a breeze and the time would fly because I would be having fun. By the way, I had applied for my internship at Disney Orlando and was accepted!

Alas, my plan of action had serious holes in it that needed major repairs:

Purchasing used books did not provide the online materials needed for class...

The grant money was based on my recent employment and amounted to a hill of beans...

My unemployment was stopped due to a government shutdown..

My savings account had more money coming out and none coming in...

I decided to go back into the work force and mentioned it to one of my most influential instructors. I was told to stay in school and revisit my decision after I came back from Disney. I explained that working at Disney would not be in my future because it would cost money to get there and that was money I did not have to spare. Again I was told to go to Disney, reconsider when I got back and report my decision to the instructor. In the midst of my discernment, I forgot I had applied for scholarship funded by generous donations provided by many donors. A few days later I was assisting with a cooking class and took a break. In scrolling through my emails I noticed something that required my immediate response. I opened the email and saw that I had been the recipient of the scholarship. With shaking hands and tears I went to my instructor to share my good news. I was not aware of the amount until later on when I was able to read the entire email. I received over $7,800 and this was more than enough to cover the remainder of my education for my degree.

I humbly accepted the scholarship went to Disney, worked a long hot summer and came back with no school woes.

I am double majoring in Dietary Technologies and will be a Registered Licensed  Nutritionist upon graduation in 2018. I will complete my culinary degree in 2016 and because of the curriculum I have already taken and being either on the Deans List or Merit list most semesters, I will not have to take many of the classes for this degree. I am grateful for the opportunities that have been revealed to me during this stage in life.