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As a small child, I faced hardship & the dilemma of how to reach my high ambition.  I grew up homeless and with a mother that had paranoid schizophrenia.  From a very young age, I knew I was different than my environment & knew that if I worked hard enough, that I could do anything I wanted, & was determined not to live in or a raise a family in the same manner.  I was a quiet & modest overachiever.  I started doing odd jobs by the time I was 8; a little entrepreneur, I tried to find any service I could provide that was worth somebody paying for: washing cars, odd jobs, cleaning out basements, & selling sea shells (which came from somewhere far away, and I thought to be extremely valuable!).  At 10 I had a real "job" delivering newspapers for the city paper.  Unfortunately I had some hard lessons to learn- my brother or mom stole my collection earnings, which I couldn't believe because I knew I still had to pay it back, it was the newspaper's money.  I remember also walking to the bank and trying to withdrawal my money out of my savings account, but the teller sadly had to explain to me how custodian accounts worked.  I was uniquely independent! I saved everything I could, including rewards I'd get from relatives for always getting straight A's & citizenship awards.  When I was 13, my prayers were finally answered, and I got to go live with my great aunt and uncle.  Which meant attending a much better school system and a more "normal" atmosphere to be able to work toward my determined goal I always had of attending The Ohio State University.  I got a job when I was 13, worked through school, saved every penny, earned an honors diploma and a few small scholarships to help me through my first two years of OSU!!  I realized I had to take loans after that, about $18k, but I was able to pay this off in under 4 years, on a salary of $25k a year (and a mortgage), by paying every extra dollar I earned, spare change, picking up change that other people throw on the ground, tax refunds, etc toward my highest interest loans first!!  Anyone can exceed with determination!