From Homeless to Independence

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Three years ago I moved to America from Marrakesh, Morocco. Since that time I have gone from being homeless and not speaking English, to living in my own apartment and enrolled at Jefferson Community Technical College. The past three years have been challenging and harder than I ever could imagine but today I am on my way to accomplishing the goals that led me to Louisville, KY.

I came to America and am studying at JCTC because I want to graduate from an American university and start my own business. In Morocco I had nearly finished a college degree in French Literature, but knew that an education in America would open so many more doors for me. The freedom in this country would also allow me to have any career I wanted – as long as I worked hard enough. I plan to finish my associate’s degree at JCTC and transfer to IU Southeast where a degree in finance will help me prepare to be a business owner.

I have had to always be saving money since coming to America. Whether I'm having to purchase a lap top for my classes, cover costs of school not paid by grants, buy books or a car to get to and from work - saving money is a constant reality for me. I also save because my family in Morocco depends on me to help from time to time and I have to be prepared when I am called on. Today, thanks to my ability to save and work hard, I afford my own studio apartment, pay all my bills on time and still take my girlfriend out on the town from time to time.

Being smart with money and understanding how to save is what helped take me from living on the streets to where I am today. I am still learning more about finances but hope other students realize just how important their money habits are for their future.