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     My story reflects on my past and current financial struggles and triumphs!  Coming out of high school I was in a group of friends that no one wants to see there kids get into -- the trouble makers.  Most of my friends never even graduated high school but I did.  After graduation I wanted to see what college was all about but didn't have the money to start going to school.  I needed a financial plan and I developed just that.  I moved back into my parents house and lived rent free (this helped out a lot), saved about $1,500-$2,000 up so i could get into my very first semester.  I didn't want large student loans hanging over my head so I saved up enough to pay anything after federal funding went through and every time I took any money from the $1,500-$2,000 I replaced it before the next semester.  This process allowed me to gain an associates degree while facing struggles with my grandmother passing, having to find a new place due to my dads house being foreclosed on, car issues, and many more.  When I graduated with my associates degree I had no student debt and I paid of my car!

     Now its a few more years since I got my associates degree and I have a family that I support, work full-time, and I'm continuing on to a Bachelors degree.  Again I'm still trying to do this without students loans but my scholarships are done and I'm looking for additional income.  The $250 being granted from salt would help me continue my financial plan of no student loans and still allow me to work and support the ones i love. 

     In addition my sister has recently be diagnosed with breast cancer and my family and me needed more money to help pay for her surgery so we decided to hold a few fundraisers to generate some money, and we also sold some of our extra things at a garage sale and Craig's list in order to help her pay her medical bills.  I'm very happy to say shes doing better and I'm hoping that she will be cancer free on her next scan! 

     As you can see no matter what my educational and personal journey has thrown in my path i have over came it, and i will continue to move forward motivated by just this.  I thank you for your time and consideration to hear my story and i hope i win the $250 to continue my financial plan!