Through the tears...

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2012 was a year that I thought was going to ruin me.  I was battling sickness all year myself.  My son suffered a severe concussion during a scouting activity in May.  In August, my son had his tonsils and adenoids removed and then came what I thought was the blow... my husband tore his ACL during a softball game.  Our major income was out for 4-6 months.  But it was still do-able.  I was working full-time and still hanging on to my job by a thread after having missed so much work.  Unfortunately, after being sent home from work due to illness yet again in October, I lost my job.  I was lost.  How were we going to support a family on NOTHING?!  I started immediately looking for work; grasping at anything for income, but was coming up empty.  No one was going to hire me.  I had just gotten fired due to my poor attendance at work.  I needed to explore other opportunities.

I attended a seminar at our local job center for displaced workers.  If I qualified, they would assist me in going back to school to help me become more "marketable."  This was my opportunity to go back to school to become a nurse; something I had always dreamed of.  They also put me in touch of community resources to assist my family during my husband's recovery.  In January of 2013, I began nursing school at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and my husband's knee recovery was going well.  Just as I was getting settled into school, we received a letter from my husband's employer that he was being let go due to his long length of absence.  Since he had not been with the company for a long period of time, he did not qualify for any federal leave. 

My husband did end up finding another job once his knee was healed, but in the fall he was laid off from that position, causing our family to fall short on income once again.  Financial strain was causing stress to us both but my husband encouraged me to stay in school and assured me everything would work out.  Through the emergency assistance fund and pantry through my college, we were able to make it through the winter and my husband found employment. 

Now, three years after I was let go from my job, I am preparing to graduate from my nursing program with high honors.  I have an interview lined up with an amazing organization.  My husband is employed.  We have a roof over our heads; food in our stomachs, and heat in our home.  We are blessed.