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I was born in Jennie, Ark. to s a woman with little education. I finish high school in 1978 ans went on to Kennedy King College In Chicago, Illinois For many different reason I did not finish. I continue to work for a living to support my family and myself. In my latter year I began to have children. And at this time in my life i had to support two young boys.  I move to Racine, Wisconsin in 2000 with my too boys.I work as a care giver until I decided to go back to college. I started at Gateway Technological College in  January, 2003 in the c.n.a class and I received my c.n.a licences in order to work and have a good living for myself and my children. I got my licences in February of 20003. I began to work in a nursing home I felt like something is missing in my life or I wanted more out of life then what I am getting. at that time. But I continue to work at the nursing home until I was laid off. And from there I began to work at the Racine Family Y M CA.  And still I felt that there was some thing missing form my life, I began to thinking that I needed to go back to college and get an higher degree then what I have. And to show my children that you are never to old to learn something new or to better your situation. Now that my oldest son is an adult and my youngest son is in his second year of high school. I decided to to come back to Gateway Technological to get my degree in business because I am getting older and I need something to do when I retired from work. I am try of working for other people I want to own my own business and to help other single parents like myself. My major is business. I will be graduating in the year 2018. I was feeling good about myself when I got the C.N.A licences image what I will feel in my heart when I walk across that stage to received my degree in business and my children is look at me when I received the degree. Oh My lord.