Eight Years Later

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Last year in June I was released from Prison after spending eight years in. Within the next two months I got a place to live, started school, and got a job. This was a great struggle for me and still is. I am currently going to GRCC and owe a lot on my loans for going to ITT TECH. But, things are looking up. Last year my sister helped me get a car and little by little I have been paying it off I now only owe 350 dollars, starting from 3000. Life was going great until the motor blew and I couldn't afford a new car. I had just enough money for a new motor. Which I never changed a motor before. I bought a new motor for 300 dollars and spent about 150 on fluids and some tools. After doing some research and some help from my dad and brother--also 3 months later--we were able to change my motor. Starting the new motor and putting it in gear we found that the transmission was blown also. I had to wait to get paid again pay my bills and then we bought a transmission and redid the whole process again. I've learned a lot about cars in the past year and was very successful at saving money to that point. Now back in school and with a vehicle, which would be rough come winter without it.There will be more success in the future of my life when I am able to put my knowledge to good use but for now putting my time and money into my car not only gave me a greater respect for my vehicle, but also gave me the chance to get some new wisdom of repairs.

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Anthony Hood