Hard Work and Dedication Paying Off

Document created by landont on Nov 17, 2015
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Growing up in a family where neither of my parents nor my siblings obtained a degree in college, I wasn't sure what it would take to be able to make it through and obtain a college degree. My parents made just enough money to provide for my family so there was definitely not enough money for college or anything like that. As I pondered of how I would be able to afford college I began to look at the possibilities of obtaining a scholarship because it was my goal to make it through college so that I could provide for my future family. At the age of 13, I began playing tennis and it was my dream and goal to be able to obtain a scholarship through playing tennis to be able to pay for my college. At the young age of 13, I began teaching myself how to play tennis through watching Youtube videos and went through high school with the goal in mind of receiving a scholarship for tennis. I spent hours every day practicing and I knew what goal and dream I wanted to accomplish. Senior year comes along and there were a few coaches watching me play and they were impressed with how I played and one school said that they would give me a $500 scholarship to cover half the tuition, and then the coach at Pima Community College said that he would give me a full tuition paid scholarship to play for them. I ended up signing with Pima and I haven't spent a single penny on the cost of school because of it. Now 8 years down the road, from when I first started playing tennis, I have been able to go through almost two years of college and to have my college completely paid for through this tennis scholarship, and a few other scholarships I have obtained for the cost of books. I am well on my way to being able to obtain my bachelors degree in mechanical engineering, without having to go into debt to go through school. My hard work and dedication is beginning to pay off.