A Change in Dreams

Document created by jesib on Nov 16, 2015
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    For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be on stage.  From forcing my siblings to put on shows for our family at reunions to taking many classes to prepare me.  But after honing in on my craft through schooling (at a private university) and then getting my masters, I found myself in 2011 penniless, living in my parents' basement, and taking whatever job I could find that paid at least $10 an hour.  My student loan debt had grown to $143,000.

    My dream was slowly slipping away from me.  With that thought, came great depression, as well.

    The lowest of the low me staying in my room for days without any human contact, debating whether or not the outside world would be better.

    What a horrible way to live!  I couldn't stand it any more.  The only way I thought to get me out of this funk was me.  I had to change my dream.

    I absolutely hated the feeling of living without; telling friends I can't afford to go out with them, not being able to buy the fancy new phone or computer, only putting a few bucks of gas in my car at a time.  I had a new dream - to be DEBT FREE.

    I already knew I was a smarty pants, since I had graduated from grad school.  So I started researching (a lot) on high paying jobs that could use my skills of communication, public speaking, and my can-do attitude.  It was only natural that I fell into the industry of sales - insurance sales to be exact.

     Within 6 months, I quit my secretary job, landed a temp job at an insurance agency, got my own apartment and worked, worked, worked!  I obtained my license and quickly rose to the top in my company as a high commissioned sales agent!  I pushed every bit of income to my bills and student loans.  It's because of the mentality of living a life debt free I've been able to pay $50,000 (in principal!) to my loans in only 18 months.  And I'm happy (go figure)!

     Sometimes, I miss my old dream, but the new dream gets me up in the morning, makes me excited to work and learn new things!  I don't think I could have ever felt this was if I had never given up my first career.