Power to the Game Designer

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I love the game industry and I am very passionate about it. I have been, ever since playing my first video game, Pokémon Red. When I got older, I stumbled upon a fantastic program on the Internet that allowed me to design a basic game. It quickly became evident to myself just how passionate I feel for the game development industry. Now that I am in college, my passion is flourishing as I persistently strive to improve my skills both in and outside of school.


I would also go as far to say that I love school and I am very passionate about that as well. Fortunately, I happen to do well in school so I am able to receive scholarships and I am poor enough in the eyes of "big brother" that I can receive financial aid, however unfortunately that is not enough. The university I go to is a private school and very expensive, even through I commute ($31,480 to be exact unless you live on campus, which then its $41,000+). Normally it would be crazy to want to do that seeing my financial situation but it was the perfect choice being so close to home and offering a Game Design program.


Though I am poor enough to receive financial aid, which can be seen as a not-so-bad thing to be able to receive financial aid, it really isn’t that great because my parents don't have any money to actually send me to college. Meaning I pay for it all through scholarships, financial aid, and out of pocket, which until recently out of pocket was around $5000-$8000. Depending on how many scholarships I received that particular year.


One of the jobs I happen to work at is GameStop and despite everything that is said about the company I actually enjoy working there. After 3 years of working there it seemed my hard work paid off and GameStop decided to start offering scholarships to employees who are going to school! I applied and out of the 400 or so individuals that applied I happened to be one of the lucky ones that received a scholarship!


Even luckier I found out that the scholarship renews as long as the program stays around (which I hope it does). Thanks to the awesomeness that is my employer, they are helping pay for a large chunk of my tuition so I cannot thank them enough. When every penny counts any amount of assistance is well welcomed.