Hard and Frustrating Work

Document created by chrism on Nov 17, 2015
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Some people take work easily and some people take it as serious as if it was their own family. I mean dont get me wrong working with people can make them super close to you but thats not family. My story begins when i was about 11 and my dad told me if i need or want something then get a job, Now at the time i was 11. But the very next day i walk 2 miles to my neighbors house to as if tlhe need any work done, He said yes. The guy owned 22 acres of land!!! And he needed 2 acres of land with out rock in it. 6am the next day 11 year old boy pulling rocks half the size of me for 100 bucks a week. I mean insanely excited for 100 dollars but i knew that wasnt gona cut it. Few months go by then started doing odd jobs for him and got paid a little more. Age 15 my friend ive know since i was born comes to me and says hey im start my own business, are you interested? I said sure ill help you out with anything. 2 years later we are traveling and making money selling his product at festivals. At the time im also working at burger king as a crew member i currently help run two burger king stores now. I am in school and opening up a multilevel network company and an automotive bussniess. I had so many struggles to family issuse, medical, No income at all, to people ripping me off. I feel that going to school and the work postion i am in that i am successful right now and will be more successful in the near future