Motivation Has Driven Me To Suceed Financially

Document created by chelise on Nov 17, 2015
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     As a child there was something different about me than all the other children.  Most kids ask their parents to get them the things that they want, but not me.  I would get gifts from my family members on my birthday or on holidays and once I was through with it.  I would trade my unwanted toys with someone for a toy that I desired.  To this day, I have never grown out of this.  The toys have only grown bigger and more expensive.

      Now that I am an adult, it seems this hobby of mine is second nature to me.  At one point in life I had an amazing job and was able to buy practically whatever I wanted within reasonable limitations.  It was ripped from me without any warning or justification.  This brought me somewhat into a depression.  With my new status of unemployment I began acquiring many bills. This certain life-style I was accustomed to, was no longer affordable without this job.  Even with a full-time position elsewhere, I could not manage to keep up my choice of living.  This slump in my life reminded me of my ability.

       Since then, I have been able to support myself and acquire the things that I enjoy thanks to my hobby.  I have traded vehicles for other better vehicles or recreational toys that can make anyone be envious.  This life-style of mine, fills my hierarchy of needs, which is what drives my motivation to continue.  In this last year alone, I have owned twelve different cars and two motorcycles as well as numerous odds and ends that make life far from dull.  At the beginning of this year I started out with seven hundred dollars and now my net-value is at about twelve thousand dollars.  Not only has my initial amount increased drastically, but I have made about six thousand dollars in cash along the way.  In this process I have also gained many “big boy toys” that I have enjoyed greatly.  To this day I am thankful for my ability.  Without it I would not be where I am now.  My motivation and knowledge has made me a financial success story!