It runs in the family

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   After completing four years of college and earning my Bachelors Degree in Physical Education it occurred to me that I wanted more out of my life and out of my career. My mother, who is a nurse and has been one for thirty one years, is my biggest influence and biggest cheerleader. After graduating from Bridgewater State University, I had decided I wanted a career that I would enjoy and be enthusiastic about, just like my mother. My parents have helped me financially through my Bachelor’s degree, and it has been my decision to pay for nursing school on my own.  I look forward to the day I can pay my parents back for all they have given me physically, emotionally, as well as financially. I am proud to say that I am not only a full time student, I am also a hard working and persistent employee. The days that I don't spend in the class room, I spend at my job where I have been working extremely hard to put away money. I try to save my money to not only pay my parents back for all they have given me but to save for my future and to help pay for my nursing education. I am extremely proud to say that I have saved enough money $500.00 to be exact, to give to my parents to put towards my education. I have also been able to save an additional $200.00 to put towards my own personal savings account. I am proud of myself for honoring a commitment that I promised myself I would keep, and I know my parents are proud of the work ethic they have instilled in me. When I had discussed the idea of going to nursing school with my mother she was thrilled. She told me it would be hard work but if she could work her way through it, she knew that I could too. "It runs in the family" she said to me.