How I Saved for My Vacation

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As students, we often think that vacations are out of the question for us. However, I was able to save some money and utilize credit cards in a clever way to pay for my vacation that I took during my spring break this year in Punta Cana. In order to do that, I had to save $1000 for an all-inclusive resort, airfare, food and etc.


Choose Your Credit Card More Wisely

Two years ago, I signed up for a Jet Blue credit card, so I can build points whenever I spend money on my credit card. Every dollar that I spend on my credit card, I get one point. Therefore, I try to use this credit card whenever possible - groceries, utilities, restaurants, entertainment and etc. Many airlines offer credit cards that allows you to accumulate miles/points. I feel that this is really useful when you live far from your family or you want to go on a really good vacation.


Split the Hotel Bill with Your Friends

I split the bill with three of my girlfriends and we shared the room. Some resorts will be finicky about this but find a resort where they allow more than two guests in the room. This makes the vacation a lot more fun, spend time with friends that you don't see as often and you get to save money! If you are at an all-inclusive resort, then most likely, you will have to pay a little more for more guests in addition to the room.


Look for All-Inclusive Resorts with Food and Drinks in the Bill

Many people will be thrown off at how expensive the all-inclusive resorts are but this is well worth it when you think about how much money on food and drinks you will be spending. These all inclusive restaurants are all-you-can-eat and -drink, so you definitely get your money's worth when you're here. Plus, the last thing you want to be worrying about is trying to convert everything into dollars when you're trying to have a good time. You can also find very good deals on local tourism in the hotel lobbies. In Punta Cana, my friends and I were able to go parasailing, zip lining, clubbing and etc. for very good prices because we were in a larger group.