Perseverance and Faith

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When I first started my Masters in Acupuncture in July 2012 all was well. I was working part time, my health was good, I had a beautiful home, and money was not a problem. By October 2012 I began to develop numerous problems with my health and by the end of the month I had to make a choice to either work or continue to pursue my degree. I chose to pursue my degree. Now I knew the price of this decision. I had to sell my home and money became restricted but I did not let that stop me. I created a side business and began to increase my knowledge in therapeutic grade essential oils as I knew this would be something that would go well with my degree and bring in additional income so that my husband and I could live off of one income. The challenges did not stop there. My husband ended up getting laid off from work and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was determined that if I just stayed focused and persevered and had faith that I could go to school and be there for my mom and that my husband would find another job. I helped my husband look for work and he found another job within a month. I took care of my mom and continued to build my essential oil business and pursue my degree. Then my daddy's health began to fail and we had to place him in emotional rehabilitation for six months. When he was finally stable and able to come home he was physically ill. His gallbladder had ruptured and he had to have emergency surgery. Then we had to have all of his teeth extracted so that he could get open heart surgery. I was there with him the entire time and yet I still stayed in school and continued to work hard to build my business. Never once did I give up in the face of adversity. When one perseveres one holds steadfast to their dreams despite the difficulties that may come. When a dream is important one finds a way to make things work regardless of the odds that may be stacking up against them, and when one does this faith finds a way of making everything work. I am happy to say that I am two semesters away from completing my degree. Even though my husband is the only one working and he is only making $10.00 an hour all our bills are paid each month and this is because I make a plan every month on what events I am going to hold to share my knowledge of essential oils. I charge for the events and we make items with essential oils. I became creative and found a way to make things work so that I could achieve my dream. Hard times do not bring me down they simply make me more creative. The code I live by is perseverance and faith. If you want something bad enough you find a way to make things work and you get creative. I found a way to make things work by simply never giving up!2.JPG6.JPG3.JPG1.JPG4.JPG5.JPG