Saving by Budgeting

Document created by leslif on Nov 16, 2015
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Looking back I noticed that working while going to school full time never worked for me. It is because school never came easy to me which made it difficult to share my time with other obligations. In order to stretch my spending portion of scholarship money I would set up a budget. This budget consisted of how much I could spend daily, weekly and monthly. My daily amount for food was between $10 to $15. My weekly budget included the daily food and fuel. The monthly budget was mostly an overview of what was spend during the month. The main idea for this budget was to spend wisely in order to cover necessities therefore any coffee or sweets needed to be none existent for the time being. I also thank my family for letting me live with them without paying rent. I found myself doing this out of necessity and can see useing a few of these fundamentals in my future. I feel blessed to have made it this far and feel thankful for everyone who has contributed to my higher education journey.