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Document created by maiyab on Nov 15, 2015
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Surely I just wanted to make ends meet, don't need much more nor anything less just want my life to be comfortable. My life coming to college surely wasn't smooth sailing from the moment I arrived to when I will leave in 2017. While being in college I quickly saw the need to have a job while in school because friends were going out to eat left and right, needed on the whim items, and daily living expenses rapidly added up. I was lost as to what would suffice, after taking trips to the business and financial aid office on campus I learned there were jobs on campus and I could get one. Work study was available when doing my FAFSA the previous year and I earn minimum wage checking in guys when they come to the girls residence hall. Even so that still didn't seem like enough and luckily received the best opportunity my college experience has gave me yet. I applied to be a resident assistant on campus and I got the job!! Only after getting recommendations, filling out an application, and doing an interview I was going to be helping other students along in their college careers. Granted some part of me went into it looking at a discount on housing and a monthly paycheck but looking into opportunities to help others with these extra perks was just what I needed. With a set paycheck each month it has become great practice in managing how much I spend on things such as eating out, doing fun activities, and paying for small bills such as my phone bill. Overall this experience has afforded me the chance to make things work even on a limited budget and has given me great satisfaction. Therefore I urge other students find out what your campus offers and work on campus, not only is it realistic (since I have no car) but it's rewarding because it's what you make it.