Expanding My World One Penny at a Time.

Document created by thelotuseffect on Nov 15, 2015
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Before college, I never had much of a chance to travel. There was an entire to be explored-cultures to learn about, food to try, people to meet! Studying abroad became one of my college goals. My family is not financially well off, so I paid for my own college. I was lucky enough to receive some academic scholarships so that eased some of the tension.

With the goal of studying abroad in mind-I saved the money I earned though working and research fellowships. I lived frugally and steadfastly avoided temptations such as eating out, drinking, and going to the movies with friends. In the back of my mind I constantly reminded myself that the goal was worth the sacrifices and penny pinching. In addition, I diligently planned my schedule around being able to study abroad. It was difficult at times to handle 20+ credits along with work and other activities, but the hard times also improved my time management skills.

In the end I was able to study abroad in Hong Kong, and I'm happy to say it was one of the best 6 month periods of my entire life. I made so many new friends, explored many different countries, and really expanded my world view. Through my planning, I was also able to graduate a year early with honors!