Possibility of Abundance Coming to Me

Document created by lynnziw on Nov 14, 2015
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There I was working 65 + hours a week at a job that I loved, however, my paychecks were not really cutting it. I left Colorado and Moved all the way to California to start this position where I knew no one. I packed up my car, found a roommate on craigslist and made my way to create my new future. At first working and not making that much money was fine, because my school loans hadn't started in repayment and I owned my car. Therefore, my income was for spending and paying rent. I loved it and I loved all the people I was meeting.

However, one day on my lunch break my car wouldnt accelrate on the highway and I had to pull over. Thinking to myself "o my goodness I hope everything is okay" I got my car towed. After a day I found out that my engine blew and it would cost more to repair it then it would to just get a new car. What...."My beloved car is dead, I cried" I am at work and I got the news, what do I do? I need a car to get back and forth, now I am going to have to have a car payment. This isnt going to work for my life and my expenses. Well after about five minutes I got into action. It took me a week to find the car that I wanted and the price I was willing to pay. Now, my recommendation is if you have never leased a car and you dont have a outstanding balance on a car and you are not sure what to buy, just lease a car. You will get a way better deal and you can get soemthing brandnew. I did not do this, I got a certified used car, that in the end was more the same a brandnew one.

That was the begining of my financial WOW, I had to do something, I had to create ways to make extra money on my time off. Well working 6 days a week for 65+ hours, there really was not time for more working. What I had to do was create a spending plan and really spend within my means. No more getting my nails done, getting fake eyelashes, tanning or even chriopractic for a while. I had to get back on my feet. Which I did and about 2 years later I ended up quitting my job, and going out on my own. I worked closing with my now Fiance in promoting his business and then started my own business.

I created Self Expressed Cooking, where I started being a personal chef for people. I would go to their house and they would pay me to cook meals for them. It was a blast! I got to go to school and cook for people. I was making about 300 a week cash. Then I started being a health coach and booked 2 clients within the first month. I love my life and I always remember that anything is possible. I always have the thought in my mind that Money flow to me and through me, I am a money magnet. And I have abundance all around. If you are strapped for share, do what you love and contribute to others, people will pay you for that.