Saving is the Key[1]

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It all started when I graduated from high school that I was able to attend Big Bend Community College and work hard at earning a degree for a career I planned to obtain. During my first few years of college, I was able to receive help through financial aid; however, as soon as I was in my second year, I was struggling with receiving more financial help so I had to put college on hold and work to save money so that I can return someday to reach my finish line. Between 2010 and 2014, I worked at various jobs to create a savings account to put money in to use for when I return back to college. Since I had done this, I started creating budget lists which have helped me in figuring out what I need to purchase/pay for right away (groceries, bills, etc.) or what I don't need to purchase/pay for right away (movies, clothes, etc.) By doing this, I was able to save up for college and also to purchase my very first car. In conclusion, saving is the true key because the more planned you are at what your expenses add up to be and knowing what you need to spend your money on, the more of a saver you will become.