Win or Lose

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Throughout our lifetime most individuals struggle through some sort of financial hardship.  The ways we react and solve these hardships can prove beneficial to one’s life.  During these hardships we believe; we will never get back on our feet.  I have found that the beauty in being a human being and an American citizen is that we are able to adapt to any situation and are able to problem solve through these situations.  Through my personal experiences; financial struggles can be very stressful for the person and others who are involved.  One of the leading reason of divorce and separation are due to, “couples having financial issues/struggles.”  I will now, examine my personal experience and how I was able to overcome these issues through hard work and the support of my family.


            In the beginning of 2014, I faced my biggest financial challenge to date.  First off, my name is Marcelo Cruz and I live in Tucson, Arizona.  I have worked in education for about 8 years and am attending Pima Community College.  The last four years I have worked at the Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and Blind where I make a little over minimum wage.  During this time, I was going through a child custody battle with my ex-girlfriend.  The case didn’t turn out as hoped and was left with a huge financial burden with included lawyer fees and an excessive monthly child support payment at, $675.  These extra payments, on top of my other bills began to pile up and overwhelm me to the point of depression.  I began to wonder, why I was paying so much especially after my contribution the past years.  After months of loathing in my self-pity I decided things needed to change.


            I began to look into getting back into school at Pima Community College, where I had attended back in 2012.  But after meeting with an advisor I learned that my current completion rate was slightly under the requirement; which made me ineligible to receive financial aid.  I began to look for a second job and was able to land one within a week or so; as a recreation staff with Pima County Parks and Rec.  After working both jobs a semester, I was able to save enough money to pay for two classes at Pima.  Once the semester was over, I was able to pass both classes with an “A,” and I’m now able to receive financial aid.  After a year of working both jobs, saving and cutting out extra unnecessary expenses like tattoos, eating out, going out and limiting myself to only the essentials.  I was able to pay all my lawyer fees and payoff child support arrearage; totaling $6,500.


            So my secret to saving money would have to start with hard work and determination, followed by limiting yourself to only the things you need.  You have to keep your eye on the prize and when you feeling down about your struggles; just now that things aren’t permanent.  We are all able to work out problems and situation through problem solving.  And remember one day you will achieve whatever you put your mind too.