"Christine the Car", and its new replacement!

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Hello,  my story is geared more towards saving towards the purchase of a new car, and how I succeeded. I started to have issues with my old car. It was a nice car when I purchased it in 2008. It was a red 2005 Toyota Matrix XR. I had the car for several years before I noticed an issue that just kept getting worse. One day when it was raining, I got into my car and shut the door..................then promptly was "rained on" in my car. There was a leak in the windshield. Despite my having it sealed multiple times over the course of two years, it just continued to get worse. I would drive with one hand on the steering wheel, and one hand holding a paper towel or a napkin up. I also sat on a towel, and had a plastic bag under my seatcover to keep the fabric dry. The car was paid off and ran like a top, but I had started saving for the inevitable. I began my taking a few dollars each week out of my full time job and putting it into a savings account in a bank that was not close to me. I also did NOT get an ATM card for this account; I would have to physically take the time and make the effort (and gas money, of course) to go there if I ever wanted to withdraw that money. This kept my money "safe" from the temptation to spend it. I also had a banquet serving job where I would put a few dollars into that account through direct deposit. I didn't make a lot of money at either job, so I figured out a good way to "double up" my pay. I would use a vacation day from my FT job, then work at a banquet job. By doing this, I was in effect, "Working once, but getting paid twice". I did that frequently to add to my savings. I also collected my change, and when I had enough to roll up, I would bring it over to my savings account, and deposit it also. I would not take any money out of that account until it was used to buy my new car. I had a lot of motivation, determination, and "willpower" to keep the money in that account. This was because the leaking in my car began to get worse through the years. No amount of sealing it up could stop it from dripping in my car. I had begun to put a tarp on my car when it rained, in a desperate attempt to maintain a dry interior. You could always tell where my car was parked. The savings began to build up, as the inside of the car began to get stinky, wet, and moldy. The final straw came soon enough. As I was driving down the expressway, the hood of my car just flew up on me, and shattered the windshield. Thank God I was not hurt, and neither was anyone else! Lucky!!! When the windshield was replaced, I had hoped that the leak would have been fixed. Nope. It began to leak on the passenger's side as well. So, my car was nicknamed "Christine", as it was red as well. After several years of saving my change, my automatic direct deposits to my savings account, and "doubling up my pay", I had managed to save $5,500.00 towards the purchase of a new car, a Toyota Camry XLE 2015. Its black, and had 88 miles on it when I bought it.  I also graduated from school and began working in health care. My graduation and subsequent employment in health care allows me to afford the new car payments, but I am proud of the way I had managed to save that amount of money up in two years based on what I was making at the time at my FT job, and my banquet serving job. I think when saving towards a new purchase, a person needs to focus on the future, and be motivated to make sacrifices now towards the greater good. I also banquet serve as a side job because this helps to cut down on my grocery bills (an added bonus, broke students out there! Get a job where you have access to food! Save that grocery money!). My advice is "double up" your vacation days as work days elsewhere to "work once, get paid twice", and if you are hurting for grocery money/spending money, work in an environment where you can access food or whatever it is. If you like coffee, try a job at Starbucks, or even McDonalds (good coffee there, right?). Eyes on the prize, look forward to the future, and keep that savings growing!! My car payments are less than they would have been also, since I had saved up enough to shave almost a year off of the payments. That's my story. I hope someone is able to use this method. It worked for me! Good luck to you, and start saving NOW!