From part time to all the time.

Document created by psilva on Nov 13, 2015
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When I first started college I lived with my boyfriend at the time and we both had part time jobs to pay all our bills. I recieved financial aid for the first three semesters and it was great. Such a huge help. Well things went south with my boyfriend and he moved out of our house and I started paying everything on my own. Classes, food, bills, anything I wanted or needed i had to buy on my own. It was extremely tough in the beginning and I went through a really hard time. I was very depressed and started to drink at home every night and thought I was going to lose it. But I didn't. I did my best to excel in school and at work in hopes of becoming successful.  A few weeks after what seemed like my lowest point I got a promotion at work and started receiving full time hours which helped with my budget. Also I had applied for a scholarship and was approved so that also helped me get through the semester. Everytime I feel things are getting tough now  i just think back to that time and convince myself that I can do anything with a little patience and a positive attitude. It's still challenging to live on my own and be fully responsible for everything but I know it's going to be worth it.