Financial Issues create a burden that makes me stronger

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Financial challenges and saving up for a special purpose for me, go hand in hand. I love to go to concerts that feature artists in the genres of Pop, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B. Not only do I save up for each concert but I have to save up for gas to the concert venue, hotel fee to stay overnight if it is a long drive, money for merchandise from the artist, and meals/snacks for the entire trip. I am not allowed to go alone and prefer not to anyways, so I choose to bring my bestfriend to shows and my parents are our drivers. I do not come from a background of money, but parents who work hard to put food on the table and make money seem to grow on trees. I know how easy it is to spend money and then regret it later, or how awkward it can be when you have to tell someone you can not participate in an activity because you cannot afford it. Since music is something I constantly have playing, talk about, and think about, concerts are what I live for. I am currently saving up for a concert from my all time favorite artist Justin Bieber, and I really could use this gift card to make that dream a reality. Financial burdens have made me stronger, smarter, and more respectful. No one gets me like music does, because instead of speaking through words, my mind speaks through beats, lyrics, and melodies. 10362528_10205019972403099_4260590071556353813_n.jpg