Doctor, how is my financial health?

Document created by z_victor on Nov 13, 2015
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Finances affect your health, some people can't sleep at night because they worry about money. Financial stress will accumulate and can take a toll on your mind and body. Scholarships have raised my motivation to work harder in school, it's a nice breath of relief and accomplishment. In grade school kids felt accomplished when receiving gold stars, and pencil and eraser on Fridays, college students get scholarships, it feels good to be rewarded for academic work. Scholarships have allowed me to create a academic-social life. Scholarships have allowed me to go on academic trips to workshops and seminars, these trips help create better relationships with my colleagues and help me to build a network of healthcare professionals.

Scholarships have eased my mental stress to financial burdens. When my computer exploded I was worried about the cost of fixing it. Being financially healthy also means preparing oneself for the burdens that life brings. Little by little I am working towards becoming well prepared in life by maintaining good financial health I will have less stress when burdens arise. Scholarships help keep students happy and healthy.