Finding My "Why"

Document created by akumburis on Nov 12, 2015
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When I first moved away from home it was the most liberating feeling. I was a responsible kid oppressed by over protective parents and I finally got my first taste of freedom, in the mountains of the Adirondacks. It was a feeling I cannot describe, after my second year of college I was informed that my dad could not cosign a loan for my junior year due to lack of funds and poor credit. My life was falling from grace fast, I had to move home in a matter of days and I was never coming back. My heart was broken, I love the mountains, pine trees, snow falling for days, ice fishing (who knew!), cross country skiing, bonfires and camping. Not to mention all the amazing classes I was taking about Forest Ecology, Ecological Changes in Society, Mammology, etc. Now I'm going home to New Jersey where the air is thick with so much smog that I can't see the sunrise when I'm driving down the interstate, and the outdoors consists of small parks. Well that might be a bit of an over exaggeration but going from my mountain life to my suburban white house security level home in New Jersey was anything but a pleasant thought in my mind. Depression over came my life for a year, I was miserable and had no money to go to school. During that year I vowed everyday to work my  hardest so I could afford to go to school and be back where I belonged. So that is exactly what I did, I got up early and worked all day on the weekends and studied all night. After that year that seemed like the worst year of life I had enough money to buy a car and move away, even if I didn't go to school I could still work and keep saving money. So that's exactly what I did, I grabbed my dog and drove 300 miles north. While I worked that summer 1 years ago I inquired at the local community college and found out that my financial aid would cover the cost. So I enrolled and went to school for a year taking the classes that would help me most towards my Biology and Natural Resource Management degree while working full time and continuing to save. Now a year later and three years from where my story first began someone saw something in me and decided to co sign my loans instead of watching me struggle to make ends meet. The gratitude I have is unfathomable, now I can go to school and focus my time on studying and applying to graduate school in Gunnison Colorado to see where my life takes me.