Saving money by couponing

Document created by jules6714 on Nov 12, 2015
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When I was 18 years old my dad passed away from a traumatic accident.  My dad was the bread winner of the family.  My mom couldn't help me with college, so I had to pay for it myself.  My grandma used to bring over the Sunday coupons after she went through them and that is where I started saving money while working and going to school.  I was able to help my mom save money with the groceries and when I moved out, I saved a bunch of money by couponing.  I just searched the internet and there were several websites that helped me start out my savings. I would buy groceries that would ring up to be $60-70 before coupons and after I gave the cashier all of my coupons, I would only pay $5-10 sometimes! It was amazing what a little couponing could do to save me money.  I got so excited doing it, that it became a hobby of mine.  It takes time, but it has saved me so much money so I could use that towards school.