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Nobody really knows the best way to save themselves from the harsh reality of life. Time and money either make us or break us. Sometimes there is just not enough of those two things. I've learned to save money by sacrificing time and thinking of things as an investment rather than thinking I could never get what I want or need. For example, when my bicycle got wrecked from a pick up truck on the street I knew I would have a problem with transportation to school. I knew that I had to get that bicycle again, so that I would waste less money on gas. Since I didn't have enough money to take classes in the summer, I thought it would be better for me to work more and then buy myself a bicycle with two of my combined paychecks in a month. So for a whole month I had to save money in order to invest for the life that I knew would be a perfect fit for me during the semester. Eventually I got my bike again. Which meant that I had more money for food, for movies, for events, and for other fun stuff all because my investment was well worth the sacrifice I had to make. Riding my bicycle to school also helps my health so why not ride your bike to school and be productive. If you're not investing or sacrificing you might not get where you want to be or need to be. Think about it.