From nothing to A+

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     I would like to introduce myself first. My name is Alexandra W. I am 23 years old and come December 10th of this year, it will be 11 years that I have been in United States. I bring this up because it is pertinent to how far I have come.

     My story starts with an American couple, first ride in a loud and rocky Cessna type airplane and the welcome to America. The American couples, Bruce and Kelley, decided to adopt my brother and I when we were teenagers. They adopted us from Ukraine. Without a word of English, my brother and I were left at the airport with our new parents. We got on our first airplane! Nerve wrecking to say the least! It was a very small, loud, rocky and low budget plane! I was greener than grass when the plane landed in Ukraine's capital city, Kiev. From then we were put on a HUGE international plane that had three rows of seats! It was 9 seats from one side to the other. After a long flight, we landed in New York City. There we had a 3 hour lay over until we would head to St. Louis.

     The journey was over and everything went well. No, not exactly. We could not speak a word to our parents or anyone else in the country! We knew no one!

     After a month of learning English, we were put in 5th grade. We spoke through a little computer like, hand held translator. Conversations through those translators were rare because people did not want to use them. At that point, I made it a mission to learn as much English as I could! I learned English in a little over a year. Then, I tested out of ESL (English as Second Language) program and Reading 180. Both programs are designed to help children with English and reading. I also made Honor Roll and the time I did not know what it meant but was proud.

      In 7th grade, Frontier Middle School of Wentzville was starting National Honor Society and I was selected to be one of the first to be on it! Then, in high school I did my best and took any opportunity that was offered to me. Which paid off when I made Honor Roll every year, was asked to be on National Honor Society and received A+ program scholarship as well as graduated a semester early!

     Today I am using my A+ scholarship to go to school for Early Child Development in hopes to open a daycare of my own!