Just in Time

Document created by hilarys on Nov 12, 2015
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I graduated from college in the winter of 2010. Afterwards I was working my first entry level job which barely left enough money to pay bills let alone my loans. All of my loans went into default and my credit started to tank. I decided after graduating to move from Philadelphia, PA to Charleston, SC and start over. After being in Charleston for two years I decided I could finally afford to start paying down my loans and in June of 2013 I contacted all of my loan providers and set up payment agreements. I was working a full time job, forty hours a week and was excited to start getting my financial situation in order. For the first year I made my $50 a month payments on my three different loans like clockwork but I noticed it wasn't making much of a dent. I decided if I wanted to get out of debt and not just manage my debt I would have to get a second job and use all the extra income from this job to pay down my loans. I worked a full time job during the week and every weekend for a year and half with one goal in mind: to be debt free. On October 26, 2015 my daughter was born and it was the best day of my life. Two weeks later I made the last two payments on my student loans and am now completely debt free. I feel this is an amazing accomplishment and the timing couldn't be better. I can now focus on saving money for my daughter's future so that she will hopefully never be in a similar situation as I got myself in to. I hope to one share my story with her so that she may learn from it, but I also hope that she will be proud of me for working so hard to make sure her future does not mirror mine.