Making the Best out of a stressful situation

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I am a single mom of two boys. In 2012, my eldest was graduating high school and starting college at Wright State University. I had always had a rule in our home that they must go to college. What a hypocrite was I? I had no college education, so I decided I'd do this with my son. I registered for class at Northern Kentucky University. We started the same week. I was scared how I was going to deal with a an 8 year old at home and finally support him and add the expense of college, travel, books, etc. But I knew it was necessary. I wanted to not only prove to myself I could do it, but set the example to my children, that anything is possible if you want it bad enough. I wanted a better life for my family.


I buckled down. I set up budgets. There have been some tough times, some struggles, and sometimes things that were wanted were delayed, but I've made it work. I'm in my senior year, I see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I'm excited. I know that the journey and/or struggle doesn't end there. Then there will be moving on to get my Masters and once that is completed the process of paying back school loans will begin and that will be yet another financial chapter in my life.


I believe "If there's a will, there's a way". I have faith in God that he will be there for me, that if I put forth the effort and have faith and a plan, it will all work out. It's hard not to worry, I won't say that, but it is what it is and I always find a way. I've tried to teach that to my boys and I am hoping with my sacrifices and struggles that they see anything is possible and some things are worth sacrificing. I will always go without for my kids and getting an education has also been a sacrifice of sorts, but one worth it.


Getting a gift card would help so much with Christmas coming up. I hope that you look at my story and appreciate the sacrifices made and the optimism of a future with an education, working in the field I love. I will get my Bachelor's Degree in Integrated Studies, with a minor in Psychology, and three areas of concentration in English, Sociology and Human Services. After that, onward to my Master's in Counseling in Education. I want to work with High School children and help them and their parents with their future endeavors.


Thank you for your time,

Michelle Hatcher