A Little Woman Overcoming Big Challenges

Document created by cassidyd on Nov 12, 2015
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As a college student, we all have many financial challenges that we must overcome because higher education is not cheap. I am a female and attend Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA where there is a 80-20% Male-Female ratio. This school is incredible and we receive an education and opportunities that we cannot acquire through any other college. With that being said, it is also extremely expensive. Day to day I go to classes and at night before I lay down, I stress about the amount of debt I will be in when I graduate in the next two and a half years. At twenty years old, I cannot believe that I already am stressing about what I will have to be paying off in four years but that is what the idea of college has come to. It is terrible that sometimes I wonder if I will ever have to drop out because I cannot physically pay for the education I am receiving right now, but with the help of loans and scholarships, it is just enough help to get by. Getting rewarded in scholarships and any amount of money truly gives people that extra motivation to get through college and I know that I many not have been able to get through my first year and a half of college if it wasn’t for generous scholarship donors. Two years ago, my parents just finally divorced (I had seen them divorcing years ago due to the financial burden they just could not handle), our house was foreclosed on the day I moved into college as a freshman, and my mother moved to another state, forcing me and my sister to buy our own apartment and deal with a lot of responsibilities. I know that everyone has responsibilities, but I feel as though I have a lot more than most other college kids because I am living independently and I already have bills to pay for and my own food to buy every week. No matter how hard I work my full-time job during the school breaks or my part-time jobs during my school days, and no matter how many loans I take out that I will have to pay off in the near future, there is nothing more rewarding and more helpful than scholarships that you know you truly earned and deserved. I cannot wait until I am successful in the near future because I truly believe that with all the financial burden I have gone through since I turned eighteen that I deserve to be successful and I am already halfway towards that success.