Joy's Success Story & Why I Need Your Help

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    I first started college in 1995 in the medical field.  I shortly after got offered a promotion at my job at the time, and unfortunately dropped out of school.  A few years later I started a family.  I was under the impression that my job would last, and so would the fiances.  Taking on that position was the biggest mistake of my life.  I wish I could go back in time and I would have stayed in college and finished my career.  Even though today, I am glad that I chose to go back to school and change my area of study.  I always tell my children, "Work Smarter Not Harder," that is my motto I live by today.

     I lost my job in 2005 after my third child, the company sold and the owner had gotten sick.  I thought I would be at that job forever.  I knew my job well, and I was the best at what I did.  I understand things happen for reasons that people may never understand and maybe this was the reason.  After working at thankless jobs for years to come, I decided to go back to school.  I returned in 2010, only this time I changed my area of study to "Computer Information Systems."

     Technology is always changing, and I noticed at my thankless jobs that everything was starting to become more "technology based."  I did not even know how to open a tab, I was scared to touch a computer.  I was scared because I did not have any experience, as I was coming up everything we did was hand written.  As I became older, I decided I wanted to learn and needed to learn.  You can not stay young forever,  I was tired and I wanted to make a difference and wanted my children to be proud.  I wanted to set a good example, and I did.  My children are 17, 13, and 10 years old and they are already talking about what it is they want to accomplish when they grow-up.

     As I mentioned before, I have been in school since 2010 and that is because life happens.  Sometimes you can not control things like your health, death, or other of life's little corks.  I just recently accomplished receiving my "Technical Certificate in Computer Information Systems."  I am so proud, it took a while and I did it.  This is not my only goal, I want to achieve my Associate degree, but I am out of aid and I need assistance to finish my last few classes.  This is why I am applying for Scholarships in hope that I can receive financial assistance.  As many of you know, when you get closer to finishing your program, the classes get harder.  I would really like to finish my classes and program and dedicate my time not only to my family, but to my education.  It is very hard being a single mother of three children and going to school.  "A closed mouth does not get fed," that means if you need help, ask for it.    

     My goal is to become a "Personal Instructor," and to travel to senior centers and people's homes to take the time to show them the basic computer skills.  I am not going to charge ridiculous prices, and my dream is to make this a family business.  My oldest son in very good with technology.  I would like to accomplish something that no one else in my family had done.  I also want to make it to where my name lives on and I can make a difference in the lives of others and my family.