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    I once had a very profound teacher who said that we are all here to grow and learn.  At 44 years old, I believed that still to be true, so I decided to return to school to finish my degree. Up until that point, I had had a very full life, traveling, working two jobs teaching English and teaching yoga and being a mom.  But the world changes and I needed to change with it and update my education.  To achieve this, I had to completely rearrange my life and find a way to make it feasible.  I'm a single mother who enjoyed living on her own and being independent even if it was a struggle and in today's economy, it is not an easy task.  My partner of two years and I decided that it was time to combine our living space in order for both of us to pay down some of our debt.  In this way, I would be able to accommodate the time it would take for me to work full-time, take classes part-time and still be a mom.  In the meantime, I could pay off my car loan and my credit card debt in time to start repaying my student loan when I graduate.  Now, two  and a half years later, I've nearly completed my degree while achieving straight A's, already paid off my credit card debt, and will have my car loan paid off just before I graduate.  I want to set a good example for my daughter who is now in Middle School, that life is a never ending journey and that we can achieve anything if we have the flexibility to realign ourselves on our path to success. Where there is a will, there is a way!