Dream Becomes True

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I was born and raised in Egypt. I spent almost the first thirty years of my life there. The education system in Egypt is a British system; before the high school, student has to choose one of two routes: literature or scientific. Literature high school, will teach students various subjects except math and science, but scientific high school teaches everything plus math and science. Of course, the college opportunities will be different. As a young student, I choose the easier route, which is literature field, and after 4 years I regretted but it was too late to return back 4 years. I got a bachelor in English Language. I worked for couple of years as an English teacher in Egypt, and then I got married and had my first child. I got a work opportunity here in US in 2002; I came here and started my job. My family joined me after 9 months. My job salary is too little to cover the expenses of my family and supporting my old parents back home as well. Few years passed and we had three more kids. Family got bigger and expenses increased. My wife kept encouraging me to start school again and got a different degree to find another job.

I thought back about my high school and decide to change my career and my field too and chose nursing. I evaluated my degree and it is equivalent to a US bachelor. I was planning to get admitted at the accelerated nursing program at UW-Oshkosh. I met with an academic advisor and she explained to me how many subjects I need to take as pre-requisites due to the lack of science and math in my transcript since middle school. I lost hope because it will be a long way to finish, but my wife kept encouraging me till I started in 2010 my first class. It took me about three years to finish the pre-requisites only. I was very excited that I am going to start and within one year I will have a BSN. I finished all the application process but I received an email explaining that UW-Oshkosh will not enroll me because my TEAS test score was a little low. I was completely collapsed and lost hope but again my beloved wife kept encouraging me and increases my patience, till I get over this calamity.

I started to apply at different schools of nursing and finally I got admission at the NWTC nursing school. I have to pay everything out of my pocket. Regardless I have low income, I was not eligible to financial aid because I have a degree already. Days after days it became tighter and tighter due to school tuitions, family expenses, and parents’ needs. My wife is a great support for me and my parents in Egypt always remember me in their prayers. And here I am, I have only 4 weeks left till my graduation from NWTC AND program, and to achieve my goal of being a registered nurse. I am very grateful for my wife, my kids, and my parents for helping to reach that far. I cannot reward my dear beloved wife for all her sacrifice and difficulties during those long years of study, and being patient for the hard tight life situations.