18-year-old hard working female starts college before graduating high school

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Growing up I always had a game plan for everything. I had a plan to get my license at 16-years-old and to have a part-time job. Once high school started I got scared about driving and put it off until my Junior year. I finally went through drivers ed and passed with flying colors. As for getting a job, I did not get one until March of my senior year of high school. I always have had a passion for helping people and I definitely found myself joining this club called Red Alert. It was a volunteer group that helped around the East side of Green Bay and part of Allouez. I loved the people I met in the small group because they shared the same feeling I was experiencing. Gratitude and feeling really good that we are impacting the community around us. Activities we did included leaf raking, ringing bells for the Salvation Army in very frigid temperatures, doing can food drives for our talent show, we even got Let Me Be Frank Productions to be guest judges at one of our talent shows. It was sooo cool!! I got special chords to wear for graduation for doing and logging over 100 hours of community service. I shed so many tears when I got the special chords because it just shows little by little how much you can do even if its just a little bit. I knew since elementary I wanted to go to college and be a teacher. The real question was what kind of teacher I wanted to be. I started my first job on pi-day (March 14, 2015) as a server/cashier at Sbarro's Italian Fast Food joint in Bay Park Square Mall. I worked there until the end of July. Working in the mall was a very cool place to be. I met so many wonderful people and made lots of friendships with people surrounding Sbarro. I decided to leave that place and apply to some place closer to home because I went through gas pretty quick with driving to west side every night for work. I found that Subway was close by and I decided to apply there. I received an interview and it was kind of like take it or leave it because orientation was a couple days later which I had to make it to or I wasn't getting the job. Thankful, I took the job and told Sbarro that I am deeply sorry but I will not be putting the regular 2 weeks notice in, instead only about one week. I was so excited to start at a new place and meet new people. I even am being paid more than I was at Sbarro. Subway pays base pay (minimum wage) and incentive pay (anything above that). Incentive pay is automatically given unless you don't show up to work then it is taken away for that pay period. After 3 months you take a test to make sure you know what you are basically doing, and if you pass you get paid a little more. I currently work about roughly 36 hours a week plus go to school at Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College as a part time student. I currently am only taking two classes but one is worth 5 credits and the other 4 credits. This is my second semester at the college and I love it. I started a few days before high school ended and all my teachers told me I was crazy for starting that fast for the summer semester. I said I have the motivation and dedication to get a head start and get a semester in. I may have only taken one class over summer, but it helped me get 3 credits in. My parents are very supportive of me going to school and let me stay at home rent-free because they know school is expensive. I can basically say Subway is my rock when it comes to paying for school. I work hard 5-6 days a week there making $8.00/hour now. It adds up very fast. My parents have told me so many times that they are very, very, very proud of me and how far I have come. I sometimes think to myself, "Wow, this is crazy. I'm 18-years-old. I have a car my parents handed to me. I may not have had to pay for the car, but I pay for gas, insurance and repairs for a few minor bumps since I am not a perfectionist at driving." I think to myself, "That is really fascinating that I pay for everything myself. When you pay for things yourself, you really appreciate those things a lot more than if somebody were to buy you everything." Currently for the next year I will be taking my General Studies at  NWTC, and then transferring to UW-Green Bay to get my music education major in hopes to be a Choir Teacher. I have always had a passion for music and my past music teachers have all inspired me more and more each year I was involved in music.