Babysitting Can Buy Skis

Document created by clara on Nov 11, 2015
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I was born to a die hard skiing mother. When I was only a year and a half old, she put me on skis for the first time. In my 18 years of life, I have spent 17 seasons skiing. I always rented skis as a kid because my feet were growing and my abilities were constantly changing. When I was 14 years old, I had my eyes on a pair of twin tip Elan Twist skis, because I had recently started free skiing. I didn't have a job except for babysitting two kids on the weekends. So, I started saving everything I made in order to buy those skis. I put a down payment of fifty dollars on the skis, and paid them off and had them in my hands after about 4 months. Ever since then, my saving strategies have helped me pay for things I otherwise couldn't afford. Also, those skis have taken a pounding from going over rails and catching maximum air over some of the biggest jumps in the terrain park.