Russian Girl and Her Story!

Document created by marya on Nov 11, 2015
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Hi my name is Marya Gogoleva. I'm 20 years old currently an undergrad at Northwest Christian University in Eugene, OR. My major here is Business Administration. My success story is nothing too crazy but I can tell you a story that might be interesting to you. I was born and raised in Russia. I lived there for 12 years and on Feb 2007 I immigrated here with my mother where she got married to an American. When I came to this country I spoke no English. None! I had to adapt slowly but surely and I made it. Englush barrier have always been an issue but I'm overcoming it everyday. I have attended online school for 5 years due to lack of English and my senior year of high school I attended public school. That is when I also moved to Oregon. I originally lived in Southern California for 3 years. Oregon is great, a lot of trees and nice people. I then after graduaing high school, attended Southwestern Orwhom Community College where I received my AA\OT degree in Business Adminstration on free tuition ride due to my scholarships. I'm so great full for that and everything I have received. With honors and 60 credits, I transferred to NCU where I am now. Being a junior in a new college is a struggle but it's fun. I'm continuing my education  and on the side I go to different high schools and mentor younger generation to go to college. I tell them my story and hoping that somehow I can change their perspective on life. That is my story!