The Way a Flower Sprouts

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    I grew up in a dysfunctional, lower class family. My mother, step father, and my three younger siblings experienced a menagerie of trailers and places to call home. We lacked what many people take for granted- washer/dryer, impressive gifts, or even knowing where you're going to live in two months. Also inconvenienced by a learning disabliity, my socio-economic status did not beckon my desire for higher education.

     Yet toward the end of elementary school, I suddenly found myself feeling great joy in academic achievement. Dozens of novels, exploration of alegbra concepts that were not taught in my math classes, and insightful thoughts made it seem like puberty caused my brain to have a growth spurt rather than my hormones. Although, through it all focusing in class and on homework has always been a difficult task.

     Now, as a 2nd semester freshman in college, I consider myself to be successful based off of everything I am involved in. In addition to full time student, I work two jobs (dishwasher and stagehand), perform in multiple bands, and operate a venue out of my home that has seen artists from other countries. It is a busy lifestyle that is absolutely not for everyone, but I enjoy every minute of it.

     What started out as merely soil, stemed into a lucious green and is now branching off into what will someday produce something beautiful.