If You Want Something Expensive, Spend Less Money

Document created by rafim on Nov 11, 2015
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     Back in high school, I used to work part time as a cashier.  I worked 2 or 3 days a week, and I made roughly 200-250 dollars every other week.  Since i was in high school, i was naive about spending my money.  I could not resist once I saw something that I really wanted, and would not hold back.  It always felt like I had so much money, until I realized that I only had 20 dollars and a whole week before the next check came in.  I kept trying to spend less, but it just did not work out.  After a while, I could not live with having spent all my money on stupid things, when I encounter something that would actually be helpful, and meaningful.  I decided to take half of my check and hide it somewhere.  I thought that only having 100-125 dollars a week would become problematic, and at first, well, it really was.  Sometimes I would even take some out of my hiding spot in my room so I could spend it.  Eventually, I got into the routine of saving it.  This went on for months, just saving and saving and more saving.  As the start of my first college semester was quickly approaching, I assumed that I would have a lot more work, and less time to get it done.  I took my last check, and then I quit my job.  After this I went home to get all my supplies and everything that I would need to start the semester.  I invited my girlfriend over, and she, being older than me, had already had her first year in college, and she made it to the end of it.  I really needed advice as to what i should do to prepare myself mentally.  Apparently, having a clean room to come home to on the weekends was the first thing to do.  We moved everything around, and during this massive cleaning of my room, the Manila envelope that I kept all my savings in got placed somewhere.  I did not realize this until much later, it seems weird that one would completely forget where they placed an envelope full of money, but it happened.  Just as it started to get cold out, I went into my bureau to get some sweatpants, and I found it.  My envelope that I kept my savings in had reemerged into existence.  I had no idea how much was in it, so i opened it, and shook it upside down.  I don't think I have seen so much money in front of me at one time, ever.  Even though I worked as a cashier, at a register that the manager never took money out of, the money in front of me surpassed that.  I counted it and I had $2500!!  I decided that to be in college, I would need a better laptop, since the one I had at the time died faster than it charged.  Before I started saving, a laptop that cost more than a thousand dollars would have been completely impossible, now it was a reasonable idea.  I got my laptop, and a necklace that I really wanted to get for my girlfriend, and could not believe I still had more than a thousand dollars at my disposal.  Both of the items that I got with my savings, I really wanted, and both were entirely worth it.  I could not believe that my parents were right about what they said before I started working.  "If you want to buy something expensive, spend less money."  It never made sense to me before, now I know, that it in fact, is very true.