Life after Death and Divorce

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There is life after death and divorce and I have over this throughout the past seven years. I struggled for many years with the death of my mother and a difficult divorce which occurred the same year. I went through a terrible depression for two years while trying my best to raise three wonderful little girls. It was more difficult for me than it was for them to overcome the divorce. They were still rather small you see. After my bout with depression and the bills accumulating after grasping the concept of a double income home to a single parent household, my the struggle became real. I fell behind on every credit card I possessed. Eventually I gave up and let the creditors start collecting. This was the turning point in my life where I realized I would have to sell my home and move back in with my parents home.

The home was easily sold and the buyer purchased the home cash! I was so thrilled, I paid off some debt and my last payments on my vehicle. Moving was a blessing in disguise and I realized that soon after when I became ill. I was out on FMLA from work and struggled once again with my bills. After recovering from my surgery I realized I had to get my finances in order and purchase a new home for my daughters and I.

The journey began with countless of certified letters to creditors and the credit bureaus. I began in late December two years ago and by the following January most debt had been cleared or eliminated. It was a long process and took much of my time but I was determined to repair my credit. Along with repairing my credit, I also began a budget and set a goal for the new home I wanted. I minimized most of my spending on shopping for unnecessary expenses. I focused on needs not wants, I reminded my kids that we had a goal in mind. I sold the vehicle I paid off and used my daughter's vehicle until she graduated from high school. I managed to save enough money for the down payment of my future home!

At this point I was no longer living at my parents home, I had moved into an apartment and had managed to save, although it wasn't as much as if I would have stayed. I decided to invest in real estate classes to get my license. My day consisted of a full scheduled day of work and then night classes three to four times a week for the course of six months. It was such a sacrifice for my kids and my health. ,but I prayed for the strength to move forward.  During one of my classes I met a mortgage broker who presented during class. Little did I know he would be my broker who would secure my loan for my new home. The process was so smooth although it took some time to close on the home due to submission of all necessary paperwork. I moved into my new home last May and got my license in July! You can imagine how excited and thrilled my children were to finally have a yard for pets and gardens!!

I am happy to share that I am still on a budget and have set a new goal. I am now in the process of saving for the purchase of a new investment property. I want to prepare for early retirement and  be able to enjoy traveling in my later years. As I look back at all the obstacles in my life I have loved, lost and learned through it all how to work and plan smarter, not harder to make my money grow. It has proved to be successful. Keeping a tight budget takes discipline but it can be accomplished. I may not have a million dollars but I feel like it after succeeding with my endeavors.