Me Vs. My Brain

Document created by amandad_2017 on Nov 11, 2015
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My name is Amanda and i'm only 25 years old and I suffer from Complex Partial Epilepsy. It has been intractable (uncontrollable) for roughly 2 years now and it has gotten in the way of my schooling. I was attending Cosmetology College and completed 500 hours out of the 1,500 hours you have to have to graduate. I started having problems with my epilepsy while I was in school and had to take a leave of absence for roughly 8 months. I went back thinking everything would be okay only to have another seizure take me down only a month into it. I'm not allowed to drive, so I can't work or go back to school right now. I have already invested almost $6,000 into school and feel like I got ripped off by my health. I am hoping to go back but right now my health is the most important thing. I have no source of income and have now become eligible for Disability. It runs in my head everyday, "How can I be only 25 and have to go on disability just to be able to afford my medications and doctors appointments?" I've accepted that I need some help and that it's okay to ask for that help because it's there for a reason. I have been able to tell my story to the college I was attending and they plan on keeping the $6,000 credited to me for when I return. So I haven't taken a total loss but I have taken a big hit. If I were to win the gift card it would go towards my medicine and doctors appointments to hopefully get me back on track to where I can finally live my life again. It'd be a blessing. I've overcome multiple hospitalizations and I fight everyday to get my life back. I don't want to live like this forever so instead of just giving up I keep fighting to have the life that I deserve and want. When it comes to falling down, I always get back up.