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Document created by markm on Nov 11, 2015
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My financial success story is small in relation to others however not in the least unappreciated. I had reached my limit on student loans with 2 more semesters left in an undergraduate program.  Seeing that there was no way for me to manage paying for those classes out of pocket, I approached my employer with the following proposal. In a letter briefing him of the current situation, I detailed my upcoming classes and the significance of those in my current position.  I asked for a loan in that amount with the check made out to the university. Enclosed with the loan request, a second part was an agreement for reimbursement depending on the letter grade received per class.  For example, 100% for each class an A is earned, 75% for a B, and 50% for a C.  This not only takes the burden off of having to pay these loans however gives me the incentive to earn higher grades, making it a win / win situation.  The best part is that I did not borrow $2,700 on top of my student loan balance and still was able to attend the classes and reach my educational goal.