Paying off death

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It was my senior year in undergraduate education; it was the week before Thanksgiving and I was ready for a break.  At 2 am on Monday morning my younger brother called to tell me our only parent, Mom, was in the hospital and no one knew what was going on.  I had to be excused from my classes for the week and spent time with her in the hospital.  Mom was brain dead and I had to make the choice of watching her suffer or letting her go- I knew she wanted to be let go.  I did not know that I was then responsible for her end of life expenses.  As a family of three before I moved away to college, we did not have the luxury of health insurance, savings or a rainy day fund.  While in college, I had been working two jobs and paying for my own room and board- the idea of a savings account was still just a dream.  Now, two years later, my brother and I have finally paid off her cremation expenses, but it was not easy.  I had to teach my brother how to budget by following rubrics online and from many helpful places like SALT and the financial aid department at my university.  We then had to budget together to find the payments necessary to keep Mom's cremation in good standing but without breaking our bank accounts.  My brother and I took turns- one month I lived off of noodles and beef and made a payment towards Mom's cremation- the next month my brother did the same.  Now that her cremation is paid off, we are now halving the payment amounts and starting our first savings accounts.