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     In the last month I made my first adult purchase. A new car. I wasn't anticipating getting a new car for another year or so, but getting rear ended really pushed me into it. The car I was driving at the time wasn't the best or worst of cars. I had a 2003 Honda Accord. Honda's are known to be nice, reliable cars, perfect for a college student. My Honda however was the exception. This particular year of Accords was included in both the faulty air bags as well as oil consumption issues. Having to keep a few quarts of oil in the vehicle at all times for when it would randomly run out on the side of the road was less than a good time.

     On my way into class one morning, I was merging off the highway into traffic when a black 2014 Nissan Rogue rear ended me. Perfect. This was my first accident, so I was pretty fortunate that it was nothing too serious, even more so that nobody was hurt. There was a small amount of damage to the body of my poor car, as well as the muffler being pushed into the engine creating a horrendous noise to occur.

     I am fortunate enough to work in the service department of the local car dealership in my town, which also happened to be across the street from both school, as well as where the accident occurred. After my classes for the day I knew my car probably wasn't safe to drive until it got checked out by someone. I parked the car out back on the lot and let the insurance copy take care of it. While I was without my car, and not legally old enough to have a rental vehicle, I drove my mothers vehicle. Each day at work the sales people would ask me how my car was coming along. There really wasn't anything to tell really because the insurance company was taking their time, and not getting much accomplished.

      Like any sales person would do, they all began to try to put me into a new car. I myself am a Volkswagen/Audi type of girl, which isn't quite as cheap as my Honda that was completely paid off. The sales guys joked around about cars and prices, all in good fun really. It got me thinking though. Why should I take the time and have to insurance company repair my car that is fairly old, and already has a list of issues beginning to add up. Before they even took the car to the body shop the estimate was around $2400.00. A 2003 Honda Accord in perfect condition would typically only go for $3000.00 if that. Not worth it in my eyes.

     One night I sat down with a sales person from the dealership, the only sales person who was taking me seriously and wouldn't try to make too much of a profit off me. The thought of going from no car payment at all to anything really held me back a little. Also having to make the choice of what to get. If I didn't live in a state with such bipolar weather the choice would have been easy, a Volkswagen Passat Limited. Unfortunately though I do live in Maine where a smaller car isn't always the most reasonable choice. I decided then to try out something a little bigger and something that would be safer in the snow. I test drove a 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan for the weekend and fell in love. The Tiguan is the next size up from the Passat. It is a small SUV with all wheel drive. This was really what I was hoping for, something all wheel or four wheel drive. My parents were all for that too. My dad made a deal with me, if I was to choose something a littler bigger and better in the snow, he would contribute $20.00 a month towards the car.

     I opted to lease my new car. Leasing for 3 years with 15,000 miles a year seemed reasonable. Lucky for me I was taught well early in life. I learned how important it is to have good credit. At the age of 19 I am proud to say that I have good credit. Credit that was good enough to give me the opportunity to lease without a co-signer and within the "B" tier. Having this credit really helped me to get a payment that worked for me with 3 warranties to ensure that if anything happen to this car, it would be covered. With the car payments, a tire and wheel package, ware care, as well as a maintenance plan my monthly payments are only around $260.00 a month.

     I never thought that at the age 19 being a full time student and employee that I would be able to afford to have such a nice, reliable car, let alone to be able to afford one without a co-signer by myself. I work very hard in both school and work, which is a large factor as to why I am able to have a brand new car and not have to worry anymore. I consider myself to be very fortunate and successful in this aspect of my life. I also find myself very lucky to work and be friends with such a caring set of individuals to assist me in the process of leasing my new car!