Having A Car In College

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I reside in Atlanta,Ga. and wanted to attend a school about 4 hours away. I needed a vehicle and sooner than later. I spoke to my parents about getting a car and they said that cars are expensive and require a lot of finances. At first I thought there was no way for me to get a job for only a month and then leave just for a few checks. It would not have been enough money. So I took on the responsibility of starting my own small business selling Virgin Human hair and I named my business Beauty In Bundles. I got my first sale in December of 2014. From then, I started to get promoted and have become very successful with this company that I call my very own. After my parents saw that I was making money consistently, they decided to buy my car BUT it was paid in cash and I was responsible for my insurance, which wasn't a big deal. I was handling those fees for about 4 months until a huge disaster happened. I was getting my car fixed because it needed a new engine. My mechanic test drive my car right after fixing it up and ended up totaling my car completely. I was furious! I had to calm down because it would not make things better by getting upset. I had to call my insurance agency to get a new car or money for it. My insurance did not give me even half of what my parents paid for my car so the only option was to finance a car under my name and make monthly payments. So because my business had grown so much and I had alot of money saved up, I went ahead and got the car that was available to me. I was so glad that I was pushed to create my own business and it has gotten to be a big help paying for college and necessities without having to bother my parents for money. The moral of my story is that without saving up from the start of my company, I would not have a car today.