Moving away from home has helped me to achieve my goals

Document created by kimlesco on Nov 11, 2015
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I went to undergrad at a very tiny school in Pennsylvania, so small I had more students on my high school campus than my college campus. Regardless of size, I knew this beautiful campus and exceptionally welcoming business school was the one for me. After a tough four years, I graduated with two undergraduate degrees; a Bachelor's of Arts in Accounting and a Bachelor's of Arts in History. From there I had moved home to figure out what my next step in life was going to be, obviously it was time to job search. Since I was from a small town with limited opportunities, I decided to look in bigger cities to broaden my search and my opportunities. I ended up landing an entry level position with a nursing home company and quickly moved to Columbus, Ohio. I was used to my small town of about 25,000 people and I found myself moving to a city with nearly 900,000 people, so clearly the move was a bit of a culture shock. Around the same time that I picked up my entire life, moved to Columbus, and started my new job, I was hit with my student loan repayment agreement. I knew right away I was no longer able to work an entry level job and if I ever wanted to be out of debt I needed to make more money and continue to strive to make a better life for myself. Instead of looking for a new job so shortly after already starting at the nursing home company, I asked for more and more responsibility. I worked many hours, asked to help with many projects, took on extra work and because of my hardwork and dedication I was given two promotions in less than a year and currently work as a staff accountant at the same company with a nice salary. I am finally using my accounting degree, doing something that I truly enjoy and I believe it makes a difference in people's lives. I continue to strive to do more in my company so every day is a learning experience. I feel as though the more I ask to be taught, the more opportunities that will arise in my life. I think it is because I moved away from my comfort zone and my small town life to reach my goals that now I am living on my own, repaying my loans (from the best school that I could have ever attended), paying for my new car, and making an incredibly awesome life for myself.