Stress About Cancer Finances? Not us, we had Savings!

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Hey Everyone!


My name is Samantha Cardwell and I have overcame a very difficult time in my life by saving money. My boyfriend, Jake, who I have been with for two years was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a form of Lymph Node Cancer in early 2015. I began saving money in early 2014 just in case i wanted to buy a new car or something. I used about half of my savings helping Jake so he would not be in debt. I am forever grateful for saving money because it helped someone I love with something he could not make it through on his own. He was only getting disability checks and had to pay for his little boy, it was a hard thing to see such a strong man go through. I suggest to anyone reading this story that if you think something won't happen to you ever, it could, so save and be ready for the worst. Saving money saved my boyfriend from having to stress over something he shouldn't be stressing over. Even saving $10 out of every check you get from work, or 20% could do a world of difference, that is all that I did! I hope this story helps you in the future! Thank you for reading and keep Jake in your prayers, still battling but staying strong(:


-Samantha Cardwell